Nutrition Counseling

Science Based NutritionFeeling Well and Being Healthy are within Your Reach...


Over the years, our environment has become severely damaged and this has led to a decline in the quality and quantity of nutrients in our food sources. In addition, you and your family are exposed to dangerous toxins daily. Toxins can be airborne, in our food sources, our cleaning supplies, and in our tap water.

There are ways to help the body become more efficient at absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Our program can help you and your family find and implement these strategies.

There is a large amount of misleading information about nutrition in the media. It can cause you to become onfused and overwhelmed with regards to your personal health.

Our program is a lifestyle change designed specifically for you based on a comprehensive nutritional analysis, not on a trend or fad. This program is based on SCIENCE!

A comprehensive Nutritional Analysis will show you
the road to optimum health and Wellness!

Science-based nutrition is the cutting edge method of using diagnostic testing {i.e. blood work, urinalysis, hair analysis, toxic element testing, etc.} to reveal nutritional deficiencies or tendencies toward disease.

Many problems show up in your blood long before you are actually sick. Using these valuable tests, our doctors can make recommendations for proper supplementation or dietary changes and monitor your progress.

Our doctors will help you understand your tests and determine whether you are progressing toward a serious illness such as cancer, liver or heart disease, and more. We will provide a personalized, detailed report explaining what your tests mean. We will also explain all of the nutrients, vitamins, dietary requirements, and other changes necessary to optimize your blood values.

Nutritional deficiencies and toxicities that are allowed to go undetected will eventually develop into full-blown disease processes requiring more invasive treatment.


  • Improve liver function
  • Improve thyroid function
  • Improve kidney function
  • Improve pancreatic function
  • Decrease your risk of heart disease.
  • Decrease fatigue, swelling, and/or other symptoms.
  • Prevent and/or limit toxic exposure for you and your family.
  • Effective, natural, alternative therapy with less side effects to combat your health issues.


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